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Respite Care Service

Rate for a Full Respite Care Day: $75/day per person

Rate for Half Respite Care Day: $40/day per person

Full Day: service for more than 3 hours

Half Day: service for less than 3 hours


Additional costs for activity fees are paid by the member/the payee/legal guardian or the families.


Stephen’s House can be paid for privately or with DSHS/DDA Community Respite Waivers in Kitsap County.

See our description of Respite Care Service for more information.

Community Engagement Service

Starting on October 1st 2022, we will offer Community Engagement on Thursdays between 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. We serve Kitsap County, but reserve the right to serve areas closer to Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Silverdale that are within reach with Kitsap Access and public transportation.


One on One Rate for Community Engagement: $34.72/hour per person

Two Clients Rate on One Staff Member: $26.04/hour per person


Community Engagement sessions can only be paid for through DSHS/DDA Community Engagement Waivers.

See our description of Community Engagement Service for more information.

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